10th London International Conference

Social Sciences and Humanities

In-Person & Virtual

November 15-17, 2023

The Abbey Conference Centre

34 Great Smith St, London, SW1P 3BU

November 15, Wednesday
Conference Chair: Selim Ozdemir, PhD
09:00 am London Time

Opening Session

10:00 am London Time

Welcome Speech:

Selim Ozdemir, PhD -United Kingdom

Keynote Speaker:
Christina Schabasser, PhD- University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Austria, Peace Education: More than a utopic pedagogy


10:30 am London Time

Session Chair: Christina Schabasser, PhD

  • Burak Batuhan Karakuş- Strengthening Plastic Pollution Governance in the Mediterranean: The Barcelona Convention’s Role
  • Shakenova Maigul Tulegenovna, Khussainova G. Zh.- Manipulativeness as an object of transdisciplinary humanitarian knowledge
  • Sachin Kumar Arya- Financial difficulties in UK and benefits of trade deal with India
  • Saliha Ozdemir, Understanding and addressing societal pressures on men with psychiatric illness: An analysis of barriers, treatment, and psychological practices
  • Fatih Tombul- Adopting a network marketing model as a distribution channel for wellness sector: An exploratory study of TIENS
  • Christina Schabasser- Reading a solution for stressed managers

Coffee Break
12:00 am London Time
01:00 pm London Time
Certificate Ceremony
04:00 pm London Time
London Tour

November 16, Thursday

Session II

10:30 am London Time

Session Chair: Omar Farooq, PhD 

  • Malini, S. Jeyakumar, J. Ebanisha, K. Sorna Veni- Pre and post impact of GST on medicines: Retailers’ perspective
  • Ekrem Çulfa, Ferah Diba İzgi- An Examination of jealousy and relationship satisfaction in romantic relationships
  • Lakeisha Onyango, Rahma Ahmed Darwesh, Precious Jadini, Uthaynah Abdullatif- Facilitating the implementation of AI-based assistive technologies for persons with disabilities in vocational rehabilitation: a practical design thinking approach.
  • Elsa Putri E. Syafril, Hadara Haqqira Agel-Eco-print Batik: Eco-friendly products of green business based on Indigenous Knowledge in Bantul
  • Japhet Mauraise, Chrisostome Amokomoyen- The Impact of Green Entrepreneurship on the Sustainable Development of African Nations
  • Athista Lakshmi, R. Malini, Parvathi Devi. M- Vision on India’s Hunger Rate Index with special reference to the mission of sustainable development reform
  • Malini, M. Balaji, S. Amutharani, N. Sivagami- Spatial analysis of CSR and societal transformation: A global scenario


November 17, Friday

Session III

01:00 pm London Time

Session Chair: İbrahim Kurt, PhD

  • Jan Jansen, Elena Kaledinova, Ann Wolter- A literature review of supply chain finance in a digital and sustainable environment: A conceptual framework
  • Olga Nosova- Strategies for achievement of global competitiveness of transnational companies
  • Durajraj Rajan- Managerial practice and skills related factors affecting productivity: an empirical study among the managers
  • Arif Camci, Alperen Aydin- Advantages of AI for healthcare in developing countries
  • Sergii Lysenko- Scoping review of impact of digital transformation on business processes
  • Senih Ay, Adem Sharif, Esad Gurbuz- The Impact of AI on Employment and Jobs: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • İbrahim Kurt-Covid-19 and Sociovirtualization: Exploring New Ways to Socialize
  • Shakhzoda Mubinova, Merve Kevser Gokgol- What are the impacts of architectural design on occupants’ well-being, and how can architects optimize spaces to enhance productivity? 
  • Aishwarya Paryani, Aylin Aslan-The Collaborative Efforts Made Between the U.S. and Africa in Education
  • Tiffany Pham, Merve Gokgol- Analysis of female olympic runner’s performance based on diets
  • Mykhailo Buriak, Oksana Makovoz- Agile change management of Ukraine’s IT sector’s and value creation midst conflicts