February 26-27, 2024

February 26, Monday

Conference Chair: Selim Ozdemir, PhD

Opening Session

5:00 pm (17:00) London Time

Welcome Speech:
Selim Ozdemir, PhD -United Kingdom
Omar Faruq, PhD-LIC UKEY
Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kurt- Netherlands: Socialization and Sociovirtualization


5:30 PM London Time
Session Chair:  Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kurt

Sergii Lysenko

Oksana Makovoz

Evolution of digital transformations in IT companies
Erkan Demirbas Impact of digital storytelling with analogy-based cartoons in Econometrics on students’ performance
Josh Chandra
Abdoul Mbaye
Merve Gokgol
Analyzing the Effectiveness of Non-remote Monitoring Telemedicine Within the United States After 2019, Including Future Implications as a Healthcare Medium, Regarding Its Financial, Statistical, and Ethical Disciplines: A Systematic Review
İbrahim Kurt The Role of Socialization Agents in Sociovirtualization: Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Real-world Interactions
Durairaj Rajan Health problems among radiographers: A comparative study in Tirunelveli city-Pre Recorded Presentation



6:30 PM London Time
Session Chair: Christina Schabasser, PhD

Burak Batuhan Karakus Corruption: An Impediment to Building Resilience and Alleviating Poverty in Vulnerable Communities
Ivan Ferreira Martins Additive manufacturing in the development of low-cost immersive virtual reality solutions for education: a study with google cardboard
Christina Schabasser Investigating Companies’ Commitment to Preserving Inclusive Corporate Culture
Hasan Serhat Gurler Archetypal Journeys: Exploring the psychological development of the self through mythological narratives